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The Latest from Faculty: Deconstructing Aphrodite, artist resale rights, and more

Sotheby’s Institute of Art faculty includes distinguished scholars and art world practitioners, curators, specialists, authors, legal minds, and more. See what has been published, curated, lectured, and more in recent months in this winter faculty roundup.


David Bellingham
Masters of  Art Business, Program Director, London

David contributed three chapters to the recently released Art Business Today: 20 Key Topics published by Sotheby's Institute of Art and Lund Humphries (edited by Jos Hackforth-Jones and Iain Robertson), covering art market sectors, the auction process, and ethics. 

Jennifer Thatcher
Contemporary Art in London Summer Study, Faculty, London

When not teaching Contemporary Art during Sotheby’s Institute summer study in London, Jennifer Thatcher has been researching the history of the artist interview. You can get a glimpse in the upcoming Talking Art 2, an anthology of artists interviews due out in spring 2017.  Highly involved in several art fairs, she arranged public programs for last year’s Whitstable Biennale and has already begun curating the public programs for the 2017 Folkestone Triennial in Kent.  For the lucky students who might be taking her course this summer, add Jennifer’s upcoming publication for Futurecity to your reading list to learn about three important London public art commissions in St. James’s Market; it’s due out this spring.

Gareth Fletcher
Masters of Art Business and Art and Business and Art Business Foundations and Placement Semester Programmes, Faculty, London

In November, Gareth was invited to Abu Dhabi to deliver a series of lectures examining the networks and exchange mechanisms of the international art market in conjunction with Abu Dhabi Art 2016. This March, he will deliver a paper But is it Really Museum Quality? – Evaluating the Impact of Institutional Provenance within the International Art Market as part of the ‘Private Collecting, Public Display: Art Markets and Museums' conference organised by the Centre for the Study for the Art and Antiques Market at the University of Leeds.

Jonathan Woolfson
Deputy Director, London

Jonathan recently published an essay entitled ‘Galenic Utopians: English Medical Students at Padua and the English Humanist Context, 1520s – 1550s’, in a collection of essays entitled  English Students of Medicine at the University of Padua during the Renaissance, ed. D. Marrone, G. Thiene and L. Luxon, Padua University Press. His essay on Italian Renaissance influence on early Tudor art will be published later in 2017 in The Ashgate Research Companion to Anglo-Italian Renaissance Literature and Culture, ed. M. Marrapodi. He is a founder member and recently became a board member of TIAMSA, The International Art Market Studies Association.

New York

Kathy Battista
Masters of Contemporary Art, Program Director, and Summer Study Faculty, New York

Kathy has spent the last months flying about the country, curating exhibitions that will open within the next few weeks. A group show titled “Escape Attempts” is due to open on February 18 at Shulamit Nazarian in Los Angeles, featuring works by: Carmen Argote, Susan Hefuna, Cindy Hinant, Alex McQuilkin, Sarah Meyohas, Virginia Overton, and Naama Tsabar. She is also curating a group of editions for Art & Culture online. For more about Kathy’s work, listen to her discussion with Betty Tompkins on The Oxford Comment podcast, and read her new book on the work of Batia Shani, an Israeli artist that will be launching soon at Volta Art Fair in March 2017.

Franklin Boyd
Masters of Art Business and Summer Study, Faculty, New York

Just over a month ago at Art Basel Miami Beach in December 2016, Franklin moderated a panel on Artists' Resale Rights. You can watch the full video here. Building upon a busy end of year, she will spend the coming months speaking at a wealth of events across the country: at New York Academy of Arts on Art Law for Artists February 1st, at the Sarasota Museum of Art on Artists' Resale Rights February 2nd, and at NYU on Art as an Investment February 3rd, just to name a few. All talks and panels are open to the public, sign up now to secure your spot.

Tim Goossens
Masters of Contemporary Art, Faculty, New York

In addition to his plentiful State-side projects, Tim’s curatorial work is also facing Europe this year. After closing the Triennial in Belgium last week with his exhibition This is the Sound of ™ that attracted over 30,000 visitors in less than 4 months, Tim curated a section of the emerging art fair JustMad in Madrid. Occurring during the ARCO week, the fair is directed by Sotheby’s Institute of Art alumni student Gregorio Camara and will be opening its 8th edition on February 21st, 2017.

Kathleen Madden
Masters of Contemporary Art and Summer Study, Faculty, New York

Kathleen has contributed to several publications that will be released within the next few weeks: Phaidon Press's Vitamin C: Contemporary Art, Ceramics and Clay, as well as Harper's Bazaar Art Arabia for which she interviewed artist Idris Kahn, focusing on his new monumental sculpture in Abu Dhabi. She is also curating an exhibition with Nathaniel Mary Quinn at Half Gallery, opening May 1 on the Upper East Side in Manhattan, New York.  

Stephan Pascher
Masters of Contemporary Art, Faculty, New York

This year, Henry Taylor’s in downtown Los Angeles will feature a solo exhibition of Stephan’s own works, opening March 4, 2017. The project responds to the gentrification of downtown Los Angeles spearheaded by intensive gallery, studio, residential and commercial development. His work looks at the position of the recently formed L.A. Arts District in relation to Skid Row, an area - dating back to the late 19th century - of one of the largest homeless populations in the U.S.

Elizabeth Pergam
Masters of Art Business and Masters of Fine and Decorative Art and Design, Faculty, New York

At this year’s College Art Association in February 2017, Elizabeth will be presenting a paper entitled "Expanding the Definition of British Art: American Importation of British Taste" on a panel about the collecting of British art outside of Britain. Her edited volume Drawing in the Twenty-First Century: The Politics and Poetics of Contemporary Drawing was reviewed by Isabelle Dervaux in Master Drawings. Moreover, Routledge will be issuing her Manchester Art Treasures Exhibition of 1857: Entrepreneurs, Connoisseurs and the Public in paperback form later this year.

Judith Prowda
Masters of Art Business, Faculty, New York

Last fall, Judith led the second of the Sotheby’s Institute of Art Speaker Series events, entitled “To Catch a Thief? The Future of Fair Use and Appropriation Art."  The panel included prominent litigators on both sides of the debate, as well as appropriation artist, Charles Lutz. On January 11th, Judith co-moderated a legal panel on Estate Planning for Artists, entitled “Your Art Will Outlive You. How to Protect it Now!” One of the speakers was Seminar Instructor, Elisabeth Conroy (MAAB ‘ 09). The program was held at New York Foundation for the Arts and was co-sponsored by the New York State Bar Association Entertainment, Arts and Sports Law Section.  

Jonathan VanDyke
Masters of Art Business and Masters of Contemporary Art, Faculty, New York

Jonathan has a number of exhibitions of his work opening in the next few months:
Solo exhibition, Loock Galerie, Berlin, opening February 2017
Solo project, NADA NY, presented by 1/9unosunove, March 2017
Solo exhibition, Tops Gallery, Memphis, opening April 2017
Solo performance, University of the Arts, Philadelphia, April 2017


Giovanni Aloi
Art as a Global Business: The Value of Art, Faculty, Online

In December 2016, Giovanni published the 38th issue of Antennae: The Journal of Nature in Visual Culture for which he serves as editor in chief. This issue of Antennae marked the celebration of the journal’s ten year anniversary, in which influential thinkers, artists, writers, and makers in the field of nature and art produced an archive of contemporary outlooks framed by multidisciplinary outlooks. On January 17, Giovanni gave a talk titled 'Forests: Myth, Mystery, Spirituality and Ecology' at the Italian Cultural Center of Chicago. This is the first of a series of 3 lectures part of the series: 'Journey in the Landscape of Italian Art: Despite appearances, in art, a landscape is never just a backdrop'. Finally on March 4, Giovanni will give a talk: Animals in Contemporary Art: Objectification, Creativity, and Collaboration at ApexArt in New York City. 

Stephanie Dieckvoss
How Today’s Art World Works, Faculty, Online

Stephanie is the co-author and co-editor of ‘Kunstforum International” Issue 145, March/April 2017 on global art academies. Title: Skills based art education across the globe (language of publication: German).  She was also the emerit recipient of the Refresh Grant at Central Saint Martins to fund a one week trip to Ghana to study the local art scene and the art school in Kumasi first hand.

Sophie Landres
Writing for the Art World, Faculty, Online

Sophie's essay, "Indecent and Uncanny: The Case Against Charlotte Moorman," will appear in the Spring 2017 issue of Art Journal. The essay is part of her larger research project on how collaborations between Moorman and Nam June Paik deployed operatic theory and Cagean indeterminacy to address sexual politics and labor conditions in the 1960s.

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